Transportation systems in San Antonio have given way to auto-oriented transportation, accommodating driving at the expense of walking. The Westside Walkability Coalition (walkWestside) seeks to make walking safer and easier in the Westside of San Antonio to encourage better health, cleaner air, and a vibrant community.



San Antonio’s walkWestside believes safety and mobility for people walking is a top priority in transportation. We work together to champion a safe, inviting, and interconnected community, fostering a healthy Westside.



San Antonio’s walkWestside works in collaboration with local partners to connect people to places through strategies that enhance the walkability, character, and design of safe, high quality walking networks in the Westside.

2018 Guest Speaker

walkWestside kick-off event held at OLLU

Peatonito – Mexico City’s superhero defending pedestrian rights

He goes by the name of Peatonito – a play on the Spanish words for little pedestrian – and the streets of Mexico City are his turf.

But this self-appointed superhero has only one mission – to educate drivers on the need to obey the rules of the road and respect pedestrian rights.

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Why form a walkability coalition in the Westside?


  • Increase awareness that walking is a major mode of transportation
  • Identify major/priority issues around walkability in the Westside
  • Engage public officials with letters or meetings advocating pedestrian-first
  • Testify at public hearings for prioritizing pedestrian policies
  • Inform professionals about the status of pedestrian environments
  • Implement campaigns for issues around pedestrian safety and environments
  • Lead fun walking groups (i.e. Walktober challenge)
  • Educate others on how to use their voice to advocate for pedestrian safety
  • Hold events and have speakers on walking advocacy
  • Inspire transportation agencies to expand their safety toolkits and allocate more funding for safe crossings and streets for pedestrians on the Westside

Infrastructure and Safety

  • Street design must prioritize pedestrian safety and walkability over automobile efficiency to better protect those traveling on foot.
  • Infrastructure that calms traffic can slow speeds and make streets safer for pedestrians.
  • Did you know? Faster traffic increases the likelihood of pedestrian fatalities. According to Vision Zero, the Westside has one of the highest pedestrian crash and death rates in the city.

Health Benefits

  • Walking benefits your heart, lungs, muscles, weight and energy
  • Walking reduces obesity and reduces the risk of diabetes.
  • Walking is a safe, low-impact, low risk exercise for all ages.
  • Did you know? The San Antonio adult obesity rate is 35.6% of the population and adult diabetes is 10.6% of the population, while the youth obesity rate is at 15%. The Westside shares a heavy burden of the chronic disease load in San Antonio.
Stronger Communities

  • Pedestrians on residential streets makes areas more neighborly
  • On commercial streets, pedestrians foster vibrant and thriving business
  • Home values have more stability in more walkable communities