Westside Community

The Westside of the City of San Antonio is a vast micro-economic area of the city. Below is a listing of available demographic, market, and planning studies that the WDC has generated or gathered in regards to the Westside community.

Cincinnati Avenue Corridor Study

The WDC is undertaking a corridor study along Cincinnati Avenue in City Council District 7, an area bound by St. Mary’s University to the West and Woodlawn Lake to the East.

West Commerce Street

(Frio Street to Colorado Street)

Improvements to Commerce corridor from Frio to Colorado. Includes reconfiguring lanes on the bridge, wider sidewalks, bike facilities and other improvements as appropriate within available funding.

San Antonio Housing Authority (SAHA) Reinvestment Initiative

WDC partners with SAHA for a community outreach process on the rebuilding of a few neighborhoods on the Westside, subdivisions of Blueridge, Villas de Fortuna, Sunflower and Palm Lake, that have experienced issues with blight and disrepair due to subpar development. WDC acts as liaison between the residents and SAHA, provides community outreach and meetings to discuss and address concerns and needs of the neighborhoods, and connects the residents to area resources. SAHA and WDC partner to keep the residents informed on the rebuild process of new homes.

Enrique M. Barrera Parkway

Phase 1 Bond Funds

(Old Highway 90 Area)

Improve Enrique Barrera Parkway corridor with street, drainage and sidewalk improvements as appropriate with available funding.

San Antonio Housing Authority (SAHA) Westside Neighborhood Choice Initiative

The San Antonio Housing Authority is pursuing its second federal Choice Neighborhoods grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development with hopes of tearing down Alazan Apache Courts, the city’s oldest public housing complex, and rebuilding the 77 year old complex. The Choice program aims to transform impoverished neighborhoods into thriving communities where people of all income levels reside.

Westside Maps

WDC is committed to implementing planning and economic development initiatives that protect and preserve the culture and history but also create a viable, sustainable and thriving urban community.