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Westside Development Corporation (WDC), founded in 2006 by the City of San Antonio Council and Mayor, addresses long-term economic development concerns in the inner Westside of San Antonio, including blight, gaps in goods and available services, high unemployment rate, and low per capita income for an area where 93% of the population is Hispanic and/or Latino. WDC operates solely in the Westside in the WDC Empowerment Zone, serving the most vulnerable in San Antonio’s communities.

The WDC Empowerment Zone has a population of 103,944 that encompasses several neighborhoods and census tracts in a historically underserved Westside community of San Antonio. As one becomes familiar with the WDC Empowerment Zone and its demographics, clearly Hispanic heritage and culture has a large imprint on the Westside economy.

The organization is committed to implementing planning and economic development initiatives that protect and preserve the culture and history but also create a viable, sustainable and thriving urban community. Through WDC’s core small business programs and revitalization efforts we work toward our mission of economic stability for the Westside.

WDC operates as a 501(c)(3) and city delegate agency, receiving funds from the City of San Antonio, financial institutions, private foundations and individual donors to carry out its mission.


The mission of the Westside Development Corporation (WDC) is to foster economic development, promote the development and redevelopment of real estate within its target area, create viable urban communities, and preserve the character, culture and history of the Westside.

The vision is a vibrant Westside community where people want to live, work, and visit.

Board of Directors

The WDC is governed by a 14 member board comprised of representatives from a cross-section of local stakeholders including small and large businesses, neighborhood residents, educational institutions, non-profit, health, and housing organizations.

Joe Carreon


Dan Yoxall


Hazel L. Davis

Financial Institution: Jefferson Bank

Theresa De La Haya

Mary Jordan Vexler

Megan Nicole Legacy

Mark Hernandez

True Flavors Catering

Rosalinda Garcia

Board Member

Cynthia Test

Community At-large

Donald “Mac” Rattan

Small business: M & M Weatherization

Chris Martinez

Small business: Central Electric

Stephen O’Donnell

Large business:FGF Brands

Lauro De Leon


Dr. Jesse Zapata

Leona Pallansch

Phillip Chavez

Board Member

Ex-officio members

Roberto Trevino

Shirley Gonzales

Melissa Cabello Havrda

WDC Staff

Westside Development Corporation is not currently recruiting.

Leonard Rodriguez

Judy Gomez

Melinda Gonzalez

Business Alliance Program Manager

Isa Fernández, MPA

Business Alliance Program Manager

Annual Reports

Westside Development Corporation has published the following annual reports:

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