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La Musica de San Anto Mural Restoration

La Música de San Anto mural was completed in November 2009.  Over the last 10 years, San Antonio’s weather has caused the mural to fade significantly. Amid unprecedented new development pressure this iconic and culturally relevant mural is now in desperate need of restoration. The mural restoration project will preserve a creative, cultural, communal, and inspiring work of public art. We invite the support of the community, stakeholders, developers, business owners, and all of San Antonio to participate. Economic investment through art to preserve our heritage and build bridges between communities is vital to what has made San Antonio such a culturally rich city.

Big Sun Community Solar Equity Initiative

Provides low-to-moderate income (LMI) residents an affordable path to solar panel ownership and benefits of reducing energy costs

WDC has secured $285,000 in grant funds to support the Big Sun Community Solar Assistance Program from the 80/20 Foundation, Microsoft, and the San Antonio Area Foundation. This program is designed to provide low-to-moderate income (LMI) residents an affordable path to solar panel ownership.

Grant funds will be used to finance the purchase of 11 solar panels by providing a $6,000 grant to each of the approved 40 LMI residents.  Participants will also receive ongoing financial counseling, tax preparation, technology and energy training and education.  This program is a collaboration between CPS Energy, Go Smart Solar (GSS), River City Federal Credit Union (RCFU), Texas Energy Poverty Research Institute (TEPRI), University of Texas San Antonio (UTSA) and WDC.

This program works by deploying solar panels on carports in surface parking lots across San Antonio.  Solar energy credits are then delivered to participating customers’ CPS Energy bills, saving customers an average of $215 per year on their energy bills.

The Solar Assistance Program will continue to accept applications until all 440 solar panels have been purchased, supporting 40 low-income families.

Westside Education and Training Center (WETC)

Secured and increased bond funding from $12 million to $24 million for a new state-of-the-art WETC campus

 The Alamo Colleges District is developing a new state-of-the-art workforce training and college campus with the City of San Antonio, Westside Development Corporation and Edgewood Independent School District.  The new Westside Education and Training Center (WETC) was made possible by the secured $23 million bond approved by the San Antonio voters in May 2017.

The new Westside Education Training Center (WETC) will be twice the current size; therefore, doubling the programming and increasing access to higher education for area residents. Upon completion, the new campus will be able to offer enough courses for students to earn an Associate’s Degree.  WDC will have a role in developing programming for the new campus, which will include their award-winning program, La Printeria.


La Printeria

La printería is a cultural arts social enterprise whose programming is based on fine art printmaking as it relates to education, practice, community, cultural preservation and economic development.

The mission is to cultivate and empower participants of all ages; especially at-risk youth ages 12-19. Through arts and mentorship, la printería will afford youth the opportunity to belong to a creative community, build life skills, and obtain technical and marketable experience. Additionally, la printería will fill a significant void by providing artists a resource with which to continue developing their skills and a venue to show their talent and market their work.


San Antonio’s number one outdoor gala recognizes Westside community leaders


Real estate development investment and acquisition of the historic Basila Frocks building at N. Zarzamora and Martin St & Near West Opportunity Zone Plan – Encourages long-term investments in low-income, high-poverty communities through tax incentives

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